New Recruits

(and those who still don't have a clue)

Guide to School of the Soldier

Based on Gilham's Manual for Volunteers and Milita
(taken from the handout written by Jeff Douthit, and published by Eric Powell)


This manual is intended to be used by the new recruit in practicing the manual of arms and loading procedures on his own before attending events. The text is a simplified version of the Gilham's Manual, written in an easier to understand language.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics
    1. Kinds of Commands
    2. Position of Attention
  2. The Manual of Arms I (A-J)
    1. Order-Arms
    2. Shoulder-Arms
    3. Right Shoulder Shift-Arms
    4. Support-Arms
    5. Present-Arms
    6. Secure-Arms
    7. Arms-At Will
    8. Arms-Port
    9. Order-Arms
    10. Trail-Arms
  3. The Manual of Arms II (K-T)
    1. Ground-Arms
    2. Fix-Bayonets
    3. Charge-Bayonet
    4. Guard Against Infantry
    5. Guard Against Cavalry
    6. Unfix-Bayonets
    7. Inspection-Arms
    8. Spring-Rammers
    9. In Place-Rest
    10. Parade-Rest
  4. Loading and Firing
    1. Load in Ten Times
    2. The Firing Commands
  5. Musket/Rifle Care
  6. Uniforms

*Note, Annimated illustrations for many of the positions have been added, thanks to the 65th New Zealand Regiment of Foot. These positions are NOT EXACTLY the same as what we use, but they will give the new recruit an idea of what or drill looks like.


If there are any questions about these commands, please contact me at: