4/14/2002 - The site has now moved to its permanent home on the site of the 47th Virginia, at www.47thVirginia.com  I have gotten
    bogged down so there haven't been any updates for a while, but in the next few months work will start back up again on this site and
    there will be many new features.

4/03/2001 - It's been a while, but I have finally added Article 17 on Music.  I hope to have a new
    downloadable version up in a day or so.

3/22/2000 - Downloads section added.  A Gilham's program file has been created to install all of the
    manual up to this point onto your hard drive for viewing at any time without waiting for internet
    download speeds.  The program will be updated as the manual is updated, to install the most recent

3/18/2000 - Article IV. (School of the Company, and Instruction of Skirmishers), was added.  Other
    sections will follow in this order: School of the Battalion, General Purpose sections describing overall
    service procedures etc..., Schools of the Artillery, Schools of the Cavalry.  Several links to other pages
    dealing with tactics and regulations have also been added, and more will continue to be added as I find